February Meeting

Chris Teem from the Little Rock Zoo spoke to thirty people about paludariums via Zoom on February 27, 2021. A paludarium is a combination of a terrarium and an aquarium. It can be used to create a snapshot of a location, like a river bank. Paludariums are a great way to showcase a specific biotope and are often vibrant and colorful.

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January Meeting

GWAPA had a fantastic turnout of 36 people tuning in to hear George Farmer speak about long term aquarium set up and maintenance. Why would someone keep an aquascape long term? According to George, it allows you to have a deeper connection with the animals in the scape, and being able to see them through their entire life span. Furthermore, having a tank for long term allows you have a sense of delayed gratification of watching the plants grow over time.

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December Meeting

Sixteen people logged into Zoom on Sunday, December 6, to hear Karen Randall talk about nano tanks.

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