April Meeting

Over twenty people showed up to the April meeting to listen to Jonathan Butkus’ talk on how to keep North American native fishes and plants and how to set up biotopes for them. Furthermore, he discussed collecting fishes including some methods, state laws, and ethical questions. We were all riveted by his highly entertaining presentation. Then we had our regular monthly auction with some unusual mosses, tank raised Corydoras, and tetra species.

Collecting Trip

GWAPA will explore Indian Run, Holmes Run, and Backlick Run for plants and a diverse collection of native fish. Jonathan Butkus will lead the expedition this Sunday, April 23rd, at 11:00 am in Alexandria, VA. If you wish to collect any fish, you must have a Virginia fishing license. This event is for GWAPA members only. More information can be found on the forum. 

March Meeting

On Saturday, March 25th at 1pm, Alex Wenchel with discuss Aquatic Photography as Art. This talk will focus on Aquatic Photography and Videography. Damian Davila will be hosting at his home. We will also hold our regular monthly auction.

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