October Meeting

Our own Alex Wenchel will be sharing how to break down and rescape an aquascape while keeping the plants, animals, and filtration stable. He will be sharing the process of rescaping his 150 gallon aquascape. With a tank of this size, the multi-day rescaping process is filled with potential pitfalls and strategic decisions. Please join us on Zoom.

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September Meeting

Renowned Dutch-style aquascaper from the Netherlands, Bart Laurens, will speak about the “Good Old Dutch Style” on Saturday, September 25th at 1:00pm. Bart’s presentation will cover the classic Dutch style aquarium, the role of fish and plants, and how we can all reach the highest possible level in our layouts. Please join us on Zoom.

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August Picnic

Our August picnic will be held at Tim Koles’ home in Glenn Dale, MD on Saturday, August 28th at noon. Come see the landscape of one of our pond gurus at his place in Glenn Dale, MD, and enjoy some good food while doing so. GWAPA will provide hotdogs/hamburgers, and please let us know what potluck item you’ll be bringing on our forumNote: we ask that all attendees be vaccinated for COVID, and mask up anytime you enter the house. The majority of the meeting will be held outdoors. If you’re not okay with this, please skip this meeting. More »

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