June Meeting

Jen Williams, an experienced aquascaping judge, gave a presentation to GWAPA this month. She divided her talk into photo and live aquascaping competitions. In the case of the former one, the most important thing is to have a high quality picture. Jen also talked about contestants cheating by using computer software to alter their photos. Then she moved on to discussing live aquascaping contests. The main takeaway from her talk is that “your ranking is just a number based on subjective opinions.” See a photo of the group below:

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May Meeting

Nick Kinser will host our May 21st at 1:00pm in Fairfax, VA. Chantz Cramer will speak about Native Florida Aquatics & His Experiences with them. Locating them. Soil breakdown. Water parameters breakdown. How he grew them in an aquarium and how he think they can be used in aquascaping. Note, this is an in-person meeting, not available on Zoom.
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April Meeting

About twenty people showed up to listen to Jacob Waters’ highly informative presentation on freshwater shrimp. Jacob started keeping shrimp 3.5 years ago and now has numerous varieties in his mostly 10 gallon tanks.

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