June Meeting Cancelled

Unfortunately, Gary Lange will not be able to speak to us. We will aim to reschedule him for a future meeting.

On June 26th at 1:00pm, Gary Lange will speak to us about Water Plants that have clogged my nets or made me face plant in West Papua. Please join us on Zoom.

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May Meeting

Erik Lucas presented to 22 GWAPA Members via Zoom on May 22nd. He has been breeding award winning shrimp for many years. He spoke to us about shrimp keeping, breeding, and competing. 

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April Meeting

Thirty members joined Zoom for Rachel Torrence’s talk, The Creeping Terror: Algae Management in the Planted Aquarium. Algae is unfortunately an inevitable part of having a planted tank. The only thing you can do to manage algae is to make your tank algae-unfriendly.

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