October Meeting

Over 30 people witnessed how Corey Wickliffe and Nick Kinser created two paludariums. They made slightly different setups, one was a smaller tank with only about 3 gallons of water while the other one was twice as large. Nick used a more traditional method in terms of aquascaping and planting. Corey, on the other hand, planted her tank by using the background for the plants to anchor to. When the talks were finished, the larger one was raffled off along with a hang-on-the-back filter with a heater that was donated by Oase. A special thank you goes to Capital Exotic Fish store for donating the equipment for the demo.
Please note: Our next meeting will be on Sunday, December 3rd.

Click “more” to see some photos from the event:

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September Meeting Cancelled

Unfortunately, there is no GWAPA meeting this month. Stay tuned for more info on next month’s Paludarium duel!

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens Tour

We will meet at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens on Saturday, August 26th at noon to tour the gardens. Please meet near the visitor center.

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