February Meeting

At a special Sunday meeting, eleven people joined via Zoom to hear Bailin Shaw, of the Chicago Aquatic Plant Society, talk about algae. Every planted tank keeper has dealt with this nightmare!  Algae is ubiquitous, even “experts” have to deal with it. It can be controlled, but not fully eradicated. Bailin shared some strategies to control this annoyance.

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January Meeting

Thirteen members joined the January GWAPA meeting via Zoom to hear Cavan Allen talk about some new aquascaping plants, how to successfully grow them, and view his amazing setups.

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October Meeting

Our own Alex Wenchel will be sharing how to break down and rescape an aquascape while keeping the plants, animals, and filtration stable. He will be sharing the process of rescaping his 150 gallon aquascape. With a tank of this size, the multi-day rescaping process is filled with potential pitfalls and strategic decisions. Please join us on Zoom.

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