Featured Tank – Robert T Ricketts

Thursday, September 6th, 2007 at 5:44 pm

Robert T Ricketts

55 Gallon Low-Maintenance Tank

Substrate: Plenum based with mixed Estes’ Nutmeg and Flourite

Filtration: Two internal Eheims for mechanical filtration, plus a prefiltered external Eheim 2213 for bio.

Lighting: 1-Two-tube strip light, 1 single-strip light. 12 hours/day.

Plants: Val, Crinum, Anubias nana and a couple of other small nana cultivars, A. nana petite, Marimo balls, and Java Moss

Fauna: school of glass cats, a school of Debaui cats, Otos, one male cherry Barb, Amano and Red Cherry shrimp, ramshorn and common pond snails.