August 2007 Meeting

Thursday, August 30th, 2007 at 4:53 pm

At the August 2007 meeting, Robert and his wife graced us with his wonderful hospitality and impressive fishroom. In addition, Robert gave a very informative talk about his experiences running his tanks as a circulating range. He has been kind enough to writeup his talk in the form of an article.

A few announcements were made at the meeting. Our 2.5G aquascaping contest is winding down. Entries should all be in by October 1st, emailed to the gwapa email account. Also, Aquafest, the regional convention being hosted by local-area clubs has secured Eric Do as a speaker. Eric will talk about freshwater shrimp in planted aquariums. As the convention nears in October, we will be looking for volunteers to help out with the all-day auction.

As usual, we had a ton of plants at our mini-auction.

Look at the size of that banana plant!

One of Robert’s tanks.

Another tank with Robert’s beautiful M. praecox neon rainbows.

Another of Robert’s tanks!

The wall of tanks!

Behind the wall of tanks where all the plumbing/filtration is.

Ghazanfar makes some announcements. Great turnout, huh?

Everyone in the back, listening to Ghazanfar.

Robert tells the group the ins-and-outs of his a circulating range.

The veggie filter! Very large Crinum plants.

Jim starts trying to remove one of the plants for himself.

Still trying…

Almost got it!

10 minutes later, look how happy Jim is!