July 2007 Meeting

Monday, July 30th, 2007 at 4:54 pm

Cristy Keister held the July 2007 meeting at her house in Laurel, MD. She showed off her newly setup 75G tank (shown below), her lovely discus in their planted bowfront tank, and allowed Aaron to demonstrate how to build ADA-esque light stands from electrical conduit, and a few other accessories from the hardware store.

Cristy’s 75G tank that she recently setup.

Aaron’s step-by-step instructions are roughly:

  • Bend two pieces of 1/2″ electrical conduit until they are just above 90 degrees — roughly 92-93 degrees is good enough. (You want the slightly obtuse angle because the light fixture will pull down on the stand slightly.)
  • Measure the height of your tank and stand. Cut off any excess pipe so that the light will hang at the desired level.
  • Drill hole through the ends of the pipe, and install two eye bolts.
  • Attach a chain from the eye bolt to the light fixture.
  • Optionally, if you don’t like the color of electrical conduit, you will want to clean and paint the pipe.
  • Cost of materials is roughly $20.

Finally, we held our usual club auction. A great variety of items were being sold for excellent prices! Next month, our meeting is in Braddock Heights, MD. See ya there!

Cristy’s bowfront tank housing discus that will soon be moved to her 75G.

That’s a nice discus!

Aaron demonstrates how to bend electrical conduit.

Aaron makes sure the two pieces are aligned at roughly 92-93 degrees.

Cut off the excess pipe.

Drills holes for the eye hooks, and assemble, and you’re done!