January 2023 Meeting

Corey Wickliffe will host our January 28th meeting at 1:00pm in Falls Church, VA. Viktor Gyorffy will talk about Planted Tanks for Beginners. Viktor Gyorffy has been keeping planted tanks since he was five years old. He started with gravel for substrate, either sponge filters for filtration or no filtration at all, no fertilizing of any type and very few water changes, and only a few types of easy to grow plants that did well for him. By now, he uses mostly mineralized topsoil substrate, has various types of filtration, adds root tabs and CO2 to his tanks, and keeps a large variety of plants.

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December Meeting-Holiday Party

About twenty people gathered at this year’s GWAPA holiday party. We enjoyed great food, had our monthly auction with some unusual fishes (Hyphessobrycon wadai, Hyphessobrycon negodagua, L183, rare Corydoras, etc.), held a raffle, and played a game. Also, the new board was introduced with Arlene Wagner as the new president! The picture below shows one of Arlene’s sweet creations.

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October Meeting

At the October meeting, GWAPA had a workshop led by Jack McCarly of Studio Aquatica on how to create a wabi-kusa. Tropica donated plants, and Seachem donated tweezers to the participants. Out of the more than 30 people in attendance, 22 created their wabi-kusas, which should last close to a year before root tabs would need to be added for nutrients.

See photos below:

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