April 2020 Meeting

GWAPA is proud to host Chantz Cramer on April 25 at 1:00pm on our Facebook page. Please join us live as Chantz gives a talk: How and Why I Keep Emersed Aquatics.

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February 2020 Meeting

GWAPA welcomed Hiep Hong, a very talented U.S. aquascaper, for our February meeting. Hiep placed 4th in the 2018 IAPLC, the highest ranking of any U.S. aquascaper. Twenty three people came to watch Hiep do a live demo on how he builds an aquascape. UNS kindly donated the tank, filter, light, and plants for him to use.

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January 2020 Meeting

Happy New Years, everyone! The first meeting of the year had about 25 people come to Viktor’s house to hear Cavan talk about aquatic plants, focusing on the genus, Gratiola , and his adventures in gathering specimens of these plants.

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