January 2008 Meeting

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008 at 4:50 pm

Dave Williams hosted the January 2008 meeting at his home in Mount Airy, MD. Dave had been preparing a 180G aquarium in his basement, which we aquascaped at this meeting. Prior to aquascaping, Dave described his aquarium setup, and gave a brief talk about the Golden Ratio, an ancient principle that defines the proper porportions used to appeal to the eye.

Kris Weinhold, the new GWAPA president, talked about the upcoming year’s events. Meeting topics are set for the first half of the year, and a number of workshops are in the works. A possible native collecting trip is also in the works for the summertime.

We also had one of our largest “mini” auctions ever, with countless items up for sale. A number of new members showed up at the meeting; welcome to all of those folks!

Dave’s 180G aquarium, after aquascaping.

Lots of people turned up, socializing prior to the meeting’s start.

Dave’s 2.5G aquarium.

Another of Dave’s aquariums.

Kris & Dave open the meeting.

Everyone’s gathered around.

Some of the plumbing underneath the 180G tank.

Hanging the TEK T5 lights.

The “mini” auction. Lots of stuff!

Aaron running the auction.

The bare-bottom tank, with stuff eggcrate and plumbing in the bottom.

Dave spreading dolomite in the bottom of the tank for his soil substrate.

Added in the soil.

The hardscape, with golden ratio lines demonstrated.

Kris and Aaron planting the tank.

Kris planting the tank.

Dave posing with his new 180G aquarium.

The finished aquascape, just waiting to be completely filled with water.