August 2005 Meeting

Tuesday, August 30th, 2005 at 5:11 pm

At the August 2005 meeting, Robert and his wife graced us with his wonderful hospitality and impressive fishroom. As usual, we had a ton of plants at our mini-auction.

Look at the size of that banana plant!

Ghazanfar’s checking out Robert’s Wall-O-Tanks.

One of Robert’s tanks

Another tank

Yet another…

Flagtail Catfish.

Now that’s a veggie filter!

Behind the wall-o-tanks. Lots of plumbing!

Behind the wall-o-tanks — more tanks!

Look at all those plants for auction!

Aaron’s CO2 Reactor Demonstration

First, clean materials with Acetone..


Apply PVC adhesive.

Attach the endcap.

Use a twisting motion to better secure the join.

Add the Bio-Balls to the reactor.

Put on the other endcap.

Use teflon tape to insure the barb connection is air-tight.

Insert the barb.

Aaron looks quite pleased with his finished reactor, doesn’t he?