July 2005 Meeting

Saturday, July 30th, 2005 at 5:19 pm

At the July 2005 meeting, Cristy Keister allowed us to tear down and reaquascape her 46G bowfront tank. We had a ton of plants at our mini-auction, and everyone participated in setting up the new tank.

A table full of plants! What a mini-auction!

Nathan and Andy tie anubias to lava rock.

Sean holds the rock in place, while Aaron attaches the anubias.

We sent Aaron outside to water the plants with the tank water.

Ghazanfar, busy at work planting the new tank.

This is the tank before we showed up. This picture doesn’t do the Windelev Java Fern justice. It was gorgeous!

This is Cristy’s newly aquascape tank.

Liz admires the new tank from the side.