March 2005 Meeting

Wednesday, March 30th, 2005 at 5:23 pm

I. The Meeting

  • Discussed creating a t-shirt design to put on Cristy will make a design using the color logo and make it available on Anyone else who would like to submit a design is encouraged to do so.
  • GWAPA will hold a workshop next week (4/2/05) at Tropical Fish World in Gaithersburg. We are looking for more locations to hold workshops. Some other possible future locations are at a store near Ashburn and at Totally Fish in Aspen Hill. Community centers, church halls and other venues can hold a large-scale workshop.
  • A possible field trip for this summer is snorkeling in a seabed in a river off of the bay.
  • Liz Mehok will host next month’s meeting in Arlington, VA. Cristy will host the July meeting in Laurel, MD.
  • The topic for this month’s meeting was Dosing – Limiting Factors given by Rick Dotson.