August 2003 Meeting

Wednesday, August 20th, 2003 at 5:10 pm

August 16, 2003 Meeting Held @ Liz Mehok’s home

1. Alysoun formally resign as President and ask for nominations or
volunteers. There are no new nominations or volunteers from the floor. Ghazanfar had volunteered at the previous meeting and Alysoun asks him if he is still willing. Ghazanfar states that he is still willing. The issue is put to a vote and it the vote was unanimous. Ghazanfar is elected the new President of GWAPA.

2. Ghazanfar first order of business was to suggest way to raise more funds
so that the club can have more activities.

3. Rick talks about the Fall Aquatic Plant workshop.

a. Rick will produce a flyer and many people volunteered to distribute them
to there local pet shops. The flyer will be post on the website for people to
download. If you want to distribute flyers but can’t download or copy them
contact Rick Dotson and he will get you some.

b. Tom Crabill volunteers to contact manufactures and or distributors of
aquatic plant supplies to ask for donations for the workshop.

c. Sherry Mitchell will contact the newspapers about getting an article or
some coverage for the workshop.

d. Liz Mehok will coordinate the food & drink for the workshop.

e. Ghazafar will contact other aquarium club about the workshop.

Thanks again to Liz for having us over to her lovely home.

Rick Dotson
Secretary for the Day

BTW – the homemade cookies were AWESOME!

Pictures from the meeting:

Great turnout! I didn’t count but I think
we had 16+ people there.

From left to right:
Rodney, Rick, Alysoun and John.

Liz, her husband and Andrew.
A gentelman I don’t know the name of
and Sean having a conversation – well
they WERE having a conversation until
I rudely interupted to take this picture.
Liz’s main show tank. I THINK its a 39G.
Stunning isnt it?!
..a closer shot. Hey – what’s THAT plant?!
Let’s take a closer look…
Closer still. Yep. Its Limnophila sp., commonly found in the hobby under
the incorrect name Gratiola officinalis.
Liz’s 10G fry growout. If you look close,
you’ll see a few young albino cordoras
Sean wanted to get back at me
for taking bad pictures of everyone.
Andrew running the mini auction.
Great plants – unbeatable prices.
Where else can you get a large
bag fo java fern for $1?
Some plants even went for free!