October 2003 Meeting

Thursday, October 30th, 2003 at 5:25 pm

The Oct 18th meeting was held at my home, all the way out
in Ashburn. That’s what you get for not hosting it yourself.
We had a great turnout – 16+ people showed up to see my
algae infested tanks. Although I promised to keep the business
aspect short – we just had too much to discuss and it took
up most of the meeting. Meetings to follow will be MUCH less
business oriented (I hope).

A few important things to note:

Several items were voted on, all of which were
unianimously agreed upon.

1) GWAPA will explore the possibility of hosting the AGA
conference in 2004. Details will be posted online and
voted upon or possibly discussed at the Nov meeting.

2) Starting 2004, unpaid members will not have access to the
GWAPA listserv.

3) GWAPA will now have meetings EVERY month, on the 3rd Saturday.

4) The new election format will be as follows.
Nominations for board positions to be received by the
October meeting. Votes will be accepted both online,
and in person till the end of the November meeting.
The results of the elections will be announced in the
December meeting. The new board officially takes over
on Jan 1st.

However, it’s too late in the year to follow that format
for the upcoming elections so we will be accpeting
nominations till the end of the Nov meeting. Voting will
be conducted online for three weeks following that and
the results will be announced in the Dec meeting.

Current nominations:

Ghazanfar Ghori for President
Rick Dotson for Treasurer
Sherry Mitchel for Corresponding Secretary (Sherry needs to
accept the nomination – she doesn’t know she was nominated)
Martha (sorry I forgot your last name) for Recording Secretary
We have no nomination for Vice President as of yet.

If you would like to nominate someone or yourself for a position
on the board, please email me directly – ghori at ghori.net
Keep in mind, IF we decide to, and win the bid for the AGA 2004,
we will need some people to take on responsibilities to help
organize and run that show.
5) GWAPA will be moving their website from the PVAS server
to Endore.com for $50 / year. This will allow us to have
a better website with dynamic content – a members only section

We had a majority of the paid members at the meeting – which
allowed us to legally vote on and ammend the bylaws.
I will make the appropriate changes to the bylaws to reflect
what the members voted upon soon.

I took a few lousy pictures – which I REALLY don’t want to put
up online.