June 2003 Meeting

Wednesday, June 25th, 2003 at 5:21 pm

The meeting was held Saturday June 21, 2003 at the home of Ivo Busko.

Alysoun McLaughlin announced that she wishes to step down as GWAPA
President. Due to other commitments she feels that she is not able to
give the position the attention it needs.

Nominations for a replacement were called for. Ghazanfar Ghouri was
nominated. Anyone else wishing to run for the position may be
nominated at the next GWAPA meeting. An election will be held then.

The official GWAPA mailing address was discussed. It was decided that
we will get a PO box to be a permanent mailing address for the group.

Rick Dotson was appointed as Chairman of our Fall Workshop. Rick will
begin researching locations for the workshop and will report back to
the group with several choices. The workshop will be held on Oct. 4th.

GWAPA will sponser the plant class at the PVAS Fall fish show.

As usual the meeting ended with an auction of lots and lots of great
plants at near give away prices (actually, some were given away).

Disclaimer: any mispellings, typos, mistakes, omissions, in these
minutes are due to computer error not the incompetence of the
recording secretary.

John Mangan
Recording Secretary

Pictures from the meeting:

Here’s half of the people who managed to show up.
..and the other half!
Sean sitting in a strategic spot.
Ivo’s 110 G Amazon biotope.
..and his 46 G bowfront Asian biotope.
His pond with the infamous monster frogbit.
Very nice!
Ivo talking about his filteration.
Rick taking a peek at the DIY lighting.
One of the angels Ivo has in the 110.
I’d say its about 8″ deep.
The monster up close!