January 2017 Meeting

Cavan Allen will talk about various problems you can run into with planted aquariums, and walk through the remedies. He will also share video and pictures from his visit to Takashi Amano’s Forests Underwater exhibit at the Oceanário de Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal. Karen Sine will host the January 28th meeting at her home in Herndon, VA.

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December 2016 Meeting

Kris Weinhold hosted the Dec 2016 Holiday Party.  We all were able to admire Kris’ aquariums, enjoy the “potluck food,”  and socialize with other GWAPA members—and, as always, buy plants and fish in the auction.

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October 2016 Meeting

If you missed the October GWAPA meeting than you missed a good one. Pittsburgh native and PAPAS member Tim Gross talked about mosses and liverworts commonly grown in the aquarium. More »