GWAPA Picnic

Nick Kinser will host our annual picnic at his home in Sterling, VA on Saturday, July 25th. Please join us for an afternoon of good food and plant talk! Please let us know what you’re bringing on the forum…
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June Meeting

Bob Bock will be speaking about Native Killifish for our June 27th meeting. Bob is a member of the local killifish club as well as a member of the North American Native Fish Association. Bob is also our go-to guy for finding places to go collecting fish, teaching people how to keep live fish foods, and explaining how to convince many fish species to breed in our tanks. The meeting will be held at Sean Murphy’s home in Germantown, MD.

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May 2015 meeting

The May meeting for GWAPA was held at the home of Doug Gross, in Takoma Park, MD. The guest speaker was Becca Goldring. There was a good turnout, around 20 people, pretty good considering it was memorial day weekend. Decent size auction as well. It was so nice out that much of the meeting people were eating and talking in Doug’s beautiful back yard. We even had the auction on his back patio. More »