March Meeting

Joshua Wiegert and Batfish Aquatics will host us our March Meeting 28th meeting in Silver Spring, MD. Joshua will present on the Apparent Association of Mycorrhizal Fungus with Aquatic Plants. Please note that this is at Joshua’s new Batfish Aquatics location.

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February 2015 Meeting

The February meeting for GWAPA that was scheduled for the 21st was delayed until Sunday due to a snow storm that hit hard on the meeting day. The meeting was held at the home of Nick Kinser in Sterling VA and the guest speaker was Sam Sankar. Despite the cold and deep snow piles on the street, turnout was decent with 12 members in attendance, 2 of which had just joined that day. Sam Sankar gave a wonderful talk titled “Planted Tanks for Beginners”.

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January 2015 Meeting

GWAPA’s first meeting of 2015 was hosted by Viktor Gyorffy at his home in Gaithersburg, MD, on January 24th. Inclement weather threatened to postpone the meeting but turned out to be pretty mild and the meeting went on without incident. There were some new faces in the crowd with attendance being around 25. More »