September 2017 Meeting

Sunday, September 24th, 2017 at 5:10 pm

About twenty people showed up for the September meeting at Becca’s house in Damascus, MD. Cara Wade came all the way from Austin, Texas, to talk to us on paludariums.

“Paludariums” are a type of aquarium that incorporates both terrestrial and aquatic elements. She started out by explaining why anyone would want a paludarium. Among the reasons were that the fish could not jump out of the tank and you could see authentic feeding and breeding behavior. She described the two styles, emerging islands and jungle walls. Then she focused on how to put together a jungle wall style paludarium. She talked about the parts you need, such as foam, cork, and egg crate. Cara went into details about ventilation, humidity, and lighting. Finally, she mentioned some common unwanted critters and how to deal with them.

We also had our regular auction.

Here are some photos from the meeting: