August 2017 Meeting

Sunday, August 27th, 2017 at 6:29 pm

The August, 2017 GWAPA meeting was held at Gabriel Andrade’s home in Montgomery Village, MD.  A little over 20 people were there to hear Erik Lucas from give a talk entitled Freshwater Shrimp, an overview of the hobby in the US.

At the start of the meeting Nick Kinser reminded us of GWAPA’s upcoming planted tank contest. For a complete discussion of the contest, and how you might win $450, see

Next Erik Lucas gave his talk. It included detailed discussions of dozens of types of shrimp.  He explained how to raise them; some diseases they could get, and how to treat them if they did get sick; and how to keep the shrimp in a planted tank.  He discussed where shrimp of various types could be bought, and how much some of the rare species could cost.

Here are some photos of Erik giving his talk.

After the talk we had the usual GWAPA auction.

There was a wonderful spread of food, including this special dish to accompany the talk:

Here are a few  photos of Gabriel’s tanks.