May 2016 Meeting

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016 at 6:59 am

The May 2016 meeting was hosted by Victor Almeida in Rockville, Maryland. Kris Weinhold talked about photographing aquariums and their inhabitants. Some photos of the meeting are posted below.

Kris talked about how to prepare your tank before taking pictures of it, namely about aquascaping it and removing the equipment from the tank. Then he discussed how to set the aperture, the exposure, the light sensitivity, and the white balance. He briefly mentioned HDR (high dynamic range). Last, he talked about post processing the pictures.

The talk was followed our regular auction. About 30 varieties of Bucephalandras that the club bought were auctioned off. Club members could also purchase dragon scale rocks, manzanita wood and spider wood for low prices.

Here are some photos of the meeting: