October 2007 Meeting

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007 at 4:51 pm

John Godbey hosted the October 2007 meeting at his home in Springfield, VA. Even though it was less than a week after the AquaFest 2007 conference and auction, nearly 20 members showed up for a great meeting.

John gave a short presentation on what he calls “No-tech tanks.” He runs several aquariums without filters, CO2, or regular water changes. He doesn’t get the prolific plant growth that he does in his high-tech tank, but the maintenance is much easier.

In addition, we announced the winners to our aquascaping contest. Congratulations to Lorena and Jeff for claiming first prize in the beginner and advanced categories. Judi and Francisco tied for second in the beginner category, with Kris claiming second place in advanced. Thanks to everyone who competed in this years contest. Get your ideas ready for next year’s competition!

Finally, nominations were cemented for next year’s board. The board looks like it will be:

President: Kris Weinhold
Vice President: Jeff Ucciardo
Treasurer: Sean Murphy
Corresponding Secretary: Dave Williams
Recording Secretary: Aaron Talbot

GWAPA members socializing.

John talking about his no-tech tanks.

One of John’s No-tech aquariums.

75G – high-tech aquarium.

Another of John’s No-tech aquariums.

Another of John’s No-tech aquariums.