December 2004 Meeting

Friday, December 31st, 2004 at 5:14 pm

The December meeting was held at the home of Aaron Talbot. About 8-10 people showed up for the meeting. Aaron showed off his ODNO lit tanks while we fed on a number of wonderful appetizers and cookies. Aaron gave his talk, we held elections, and discussed the upcoming year.

I. The Meeting

    • More inter-club activities with other local fish clubs. We hope to share aquatic plants with these fish keepers.
    • Workshops – One of our missions is to spread interest of aquatic plants to the community. We hope to achieve this with workshops at local fish stores.
    • Field Trips – Planting sea grass in the Bay. Local rock/plant collection.
    • Meeting Topic Possibilities: Paludariums, Watch AGA Convention DVD, Aquarium Plumbing with PVC, Build your own Nano Cube
  • ODNO Presentation

    Aaron prepared a great demonstration on how to build inexpensive overdriven lights. His light strips cost about $25 dollars for a 110Watt strip. (approx) If you missed his presentation, make sure you look at the online article.


    The following GWAPA members were elected to the board:
    President – Rick Dotson
    Vice President – Nathan Freedenberg
    Treasurer – Sean Murphy
    Corresponding Secretary – Ghanzanfar Ghori
    Recording Secretary – Cristy Keiser

    Rick refused his opportunity for an inaugural speech, but instead brainstormed about the upcoming year.

    2005 Suggestions Needed

    We discussed a number of possibilities for the meetings and activities in 2005. If you have any suggestions, please post them to the forum. We suggested the following at the meeting:

II. Plant Auction

    The mini-auction consisted of a number of items this week: sagittaria subulata, ammannia gracilis, ludwigia broadleaf, crypt. wentii, anubias nana, rotala indica, phyllanthus fluitans, and more. Most plants went real cheap – as usual.