November 2004 Meeting

Tuesday, November 30th, 2004 at 5:25 pm

The November meeting was held at the home of Ghazanfar Ghori. About 8-10 people showed up for the meeting. We all gathered around Ghazanfar’s newly installed 215 gallon tank. I think folks were more awestruck by this empty, yet to be filled, tank than the gorgeous 75 gallon masterpiece of a planted tank just a few steps away. In anycase, we’re all looking forward to Ghazanfar’s upcoming aquascape for the 215gal.

I. The Meeting

    AGA Review

    Ghazanfar gave us a quick summary of the AGA Conference. Most of those present attended the conference, so it was quite brief.


    The following GWAPA members were nominated for positions on the board:
    President – Rick Dotson
    Vice President – Nathan Freedenberg
    Treasurer – Sean Murphy
    Corresponding Secretary – Ghanzanfar Ghori
    Recording Secretary – Cristy Keiser

    Elections will be held at the December meeting. You must be present to vote. Additional nominations may be posted on the forum. If you have a desire to hold a position on the board, please don’t hesitate to nominate yourself.

II. Plant Auction

    The mini-auction consisted of 10-11 items this week. It consisted of various forms of ludwigia, hygrophilia, anubias, etc. Most plants went real cheap – as usual.

III. Road Trip!

    Following some discussion of various rock-collecting spots, Ghazanfar decided to take us out to one of his secret places. Five of us piled in the car after the meeting, and filled Ghazanfar’s SUV with more slate than we could carry. Great stuff!

IV. Future Meetings and Field Trips

    December 18th: We will meet at Aarons in Dayton, MD. We will be holding elections, so please try to be there! Aaron will also be discussing his techniques for overdriving lights.