January 2003 Meeting

Thursday, January 30th, 2003 at 5:16 pm

The meeting was held Saturday, Jan., 25, 2003 at the home of
John Godbey in Springfield, VA.

Dues were collected from those present for 2003.
Elections for 2003 officers were held.

The results are:
President – Alysoun McLaughlin
Vice President – Jack Smith
Treasurer – Pierre Gagne
Coresponding Secretary – Francine Bethea
Recording Secretary – John Mangan

All were elected unamimously, except John Mangan who received one
negative vote (so if he doesn’t do a good job don’t blame me, I didn’t
vote for him). Ghazanfar Ghori was appointed to the post of web master.

A Paypal account will be set up for GWAPA so that dues and other payments may be made online. Watch the web site for more info.

GWAPA cosponsering a speaker at the PVAS Fall Workshop was discussed. Several possible speakers were suggested and Andrew Blumhagen will look into availability, costs etc. This will be discussed futher before a final decision is made.

The highlight of the meeting was the start of the Aquatic Horticulture Study. Alysoun and Andrew purchased a number of specimens of Barclaya, Crypt. lingua, and Crinum (sp. being debated). These were distributed among the members present based on number available and interest. The purpose of this program will be for those who took the plants to keep careful records of the conditions they atempt to grow them under and their success, or failure. This information can then eventually be compared to see how well the various plants grow under the different conditions provided to them.

The club will be making group purchases of plants from various sources in an attempt to make different types available to the members. Whenever possible a group discount will be obtained. Orders will be timed to arrive so they can be picked up at a GWAPA meeting. Payment in advance via Paypal. This service will be available to paid GWAPA members only (so get your dues in at the next meeting or watch the web site for Paypal info).

The next meeting will be held at Ali Khan’s home in Leesburg on March, 29. Directions will be posted sometime prior to the meeting. John Mangan Recording Secretary.

John Mangan, GWAPA Recording Sec.