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February Meeting Summary

Monday, February 26th, 2024

Over thirty people attended our February meeting, which was hosted by Splashy Fish. Jen Williams, an established aquascaper, gave a talk about planted tank basics. During the talk, some of the members chimed in with their experiences, which made the discussion very lively. Jen talked about the importance of connecting with local clubs, which can provide a wealth of information. She pointed out that getting the right equipment the first time can save some trouble down the line. Then she went into detail about tanks, stands, lights, filters, and various other supplies. Afterwards she discussed various substrates, including the mineralized soil, to which a whole meeting will be devoted later this year. Then came the hardscape materials, such as rocks and wood. Jen talked about using sulfuric acid for testing rocks to make sure they don’t leach anything into the tank. Also, never boil rocks as they might blow up due to air pockets in them. After spending some time on general tank maintenance, she discussed the various types of plants and how to grow them. Finally, Jen pointed out that algae happens to everyone, and a good resource about how to combat this nuisance can be found on our site here.

The meeting ended with our monthly auction which included plants, shrimp, and some shrimp keeping accessories.