Maryland Aquatic Nurseries Trip

On June 21 2003, GWAPA visited Maryland Aquatic Nurseries. Six members
showed up – not the greatest turnout, but I’m glad I was one of them.
The weather was pretty good considering all the rain we’ve been getting
and it was fun walking around looking at all the plants species, a lot of
which you may also find in home aquaria. The grounds were a little
muddy and I had to watch my step, least I slip and fall. Actually at
one point (trying to take a picture) I almost lost my balance, and
would have splash landed in one of the growing ponds if it were not
for the years of training I recieved in elementary school on the
balancing beam.

I took a LOT of pictures – much to the annoyance of the other
GWAPA members – but who care about them anyway right?
I took the pictures so that some of you who couldnt make it
out there can see what you missed. So without further ado,
I give to you:


The pond at Maryland Aquatic Nurseries
enterance. Doesn’t that bench look inviting?
Next year I’ll have to make a pond.
Aha! PLANTS! Lemme at em! Lemme at em!!
Look a frog!

Where? WHERE?! Lemme at em! Lemme at em!!

Ivo investigates the floating gunk. Yummy!
(Azolla carolina)
Aquatic bonsai trees! Interesting stuff.
Look at Ivo – he’s rubbing his hands
in anticipation of owning this little
Pitcher plants! The amazing colors
these plants have is the first thing
you notice!
A closer look….
…and another one. Sorry I couldn’t
help it!
Parrots feather. TONS of it!
Jack found lots of frogs! Heres a
tiny one. Smaller than my finger nail!
Bacopa carolina. TONS of it!
The fish pens – AKA plant fertlizer.
Potamogen crispus! There were several
other plants that were growing
submersed that I couldn’t take pictures
of, including horwort, ejeria densa, ejera sp., najas sp and vallisneria sp.
Hm. Here’s something interesing. It was
marked ‘Red Rotala’. It looks like emersed
grown rotala rotundafolia.
A closer look at the ‘Red Rotala’ flower.
I’ll try and get a positive ID on it later
and this picture should help.
Bacopa monnerii AKA moneywort
Hydrocotyle vulgaris? Hydrocotyle verticillata?
One of those – it wasn’t labelled.
Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides? Nice stuff!
Hygrophila sp., possibly hygrophila salicaifolia?
Ozelot swords! Very very nice!
…and a nice close up!
Echinodorus sp. emersed and flowering!
Rick just couldn’t resist buying something.

Thats all the pictures I have folks. I hope you enjoyed viewing them as much
as I enjoyed taking them. Doesn’t beat being there but I hope I was able
to show you some of it.

Ghazanfar Ghori

BTW – you won’t see any pictures of me there – as usual – the one
behind the camera.