March 2018 Meeting

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018 at 9:00 am

About twenty-two people followed the winding roads in Montgomery County, Md to attend the March GWAPA meeting at Damascus Enterprises—including even a few of us from Virginia.

Damascus Enterprises is a landscaping company that, according to their website, specializes “in creating backyard ecosystems” (see

Several Damascus workers talked about the proper way to set up and keep a pond.  They discussed such items as the proper depth for a backyard pond, what sort of filers are best to have, the rocks that are needed so that the beneficial bacteria will grow and survive. There was some discussion of the proper pumps to use.

Afterward GWAPA had its auction, although it was a bit smaller than usual.  And, of course, there was food to eat.

Here are some photos from the meeting.