March 2016 Meeting

Sunday, March 20th, 2016 at 10:04 am

The March 2016 GWAPA meeting was held at Viktor Gyorffy’s house in Gaithersburg, MD. About eighteen members attended the meeting.

In addition to the usual auction of plants and fishes, at this meeting GWAPA had a large selection of rocks (dragon stone and pagoda stone) and wood (Talawa and Red Spider Wood) for sale. Here is a photo of one box of wood:

Here is a photo of some rocks, some wood, and a Pepsi:

We all admired Viktor’s aquariums. Here is his 125 gallon aquarium:

Here are two close ups of the tank, showing some of the beautiful fish in it:

Here is another one of Viktor’s aquariums:

Among the attendees at the meeting was Papa John:

In this photo people are being shown how to use the GWAPA Par Meter, which can be borrowed by any GWAPA member.

Finally Cavan Allen gave a talk on Gratiola and related plants. Among those he discussed were Gratiola viscidula (which is native to Virginia and Maryland), Gratiola Aurea (not recommended for planted tanks), Gratiola Brevifolia (which for some reason is not available in the hobby), Gratiola officinalis (which is often used in ponds).

Here is Cavan giving his talk: