February 2007 Meeting

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007 at 12:00 am

GWAPA’s February 2007 meeting was held at Rob Peterson’s home in Herndon, VA. Rob has quite a few tanks setup in his apartment, with nearly all of them planted in some form or another. He also has a nice contingent of dwarf cichlids, including some apistogramma, rams, and africans.

This meeting topic was to demonstrate how to design an aquascape from start to finish. Ghazanfar (president) and Jeff (vice president) led the demonstration, preparing the substrate, hardscape, and then finally planting the tank.

Ghazanfar also gave an update on the ADA order that we have in progress. We’re currently waiting for the items to be shipped. And of course, we had a great turn-out for our mini-auction.

Rob’s tank.

Another of Rob’s tanks.

Another of Rob’s tanks.

Another of Rob’s tanks.

Another of Rob’s tanks.

Another of Rob’s tanks.

Another of Rob’s tanks.

Ghazanfar opening the meeting.

Everyone’s paying attention.

Lots of bags in the auction!

Where did the real auctioneer go?

Ghazanfar adding up all of the totals for the auction.

Porous Mossy Rock and Soilmaster for the aquascape

Ghazanfar adds some peat below the substrate

Ghazanfar uses cardboard to level the substrate

Maybe this one?

Nope, how about over here?

I bet this rock would look good here.


How does this rock fit in?

Jeff takes over, adding more substrate and leveling it behind the rocks.

The finished hardscape

Kevin/Jeff use a cup to prevent disturbing the hardscape.

Jeff prepares the plants he’s going to work with.

Planting Glosso 101.

Jeff planting some Blyxa japonica and Pogostemon yadabeanus.


The finished aquascape! Plants include: glosso in the foreground, with dwarf sag, downoi, and blyxa japonica in the midground. Finally, pogostemon stelleta ‘broad-leaf’, p. yadabeanus, stargrass, and some crypts make up the background.