June 2002 Meeting

Sunday, June 30th, 2002 at 5:20 pm

The June meeting was held on Saturday June 29 at the home of Ivo Busko. There were aprox. 12 people attending.

Since President Alysoun had recently undergone a medical procedure and was under the influence of drugs our very own version of Dick Cheney, Jack Smith, presided over the meeting.

As of the begining of the meeting we had $328.17 in the treasury.

Neil Frank has offered to speak at a future GWAPA meeting.

Jim Karanikas (my apologies to Jim if I spelled his name wrong), owner of Tropical Fish World has offered to host a GWAPA meeting at his store.

More info on both of the above will be posted as details are worked out.

There was a discussion of GWAPA doing something in conjunction with the PVAS Fall Show. Several ideas were debated. Andrew will contact the PVAS show Chairman, present our ideas, and see what would fit in with PVAS’s plans.

A field trip to Kennilworth Aquatic Gardens was discussed. More will be posted on this soon. On a related note – Kennilworth will be having a Lily Festival on July 20th with a number of activities planned. For more info you can call them at (202)426-6905.

Jack has a number of ideas for improving our web site and will be working on it in the near (?) future.

We are still looking for logo ideas. If you can come up with one contact Jack.

The next meeting will be Aug. 24th in Springfield, VA (Ed. note: rescheduled for September 28).

After the business portion of the meeting Ivo gave an informal talk on his tanks, how he set them up, his automatic water changing system, etc.

The meeting concluded with an auction of aquatic plants that included several different Crypts., Bolbitis, Nitella, lace Java fern, water sprite, Ludwigia, Hydrocotyle, tennelus swords, Christmas
moss, some of the biggest Anubias barteri (?) any of us had seen, plus more.

John Mangan, GWAPA Recording Sec.