The purpose of this study is to allow hobbyists to compare notes
on the growth and propagation of aquatic plants under different
growing conditions. By now, you have one or more specimens of
an aquatic plant for you to grow, observe, and report on over the
course of the next six months. Please fill out this form when you
introduce the plant to your tank and keep a log of its progress
with the accompanying log. Please also keep a diligent account
of your water changes, fertilizing regimen, and other changes
that you observe in your tank, so that your records can be helpful
to other hobbyists. Your account, along with those of other hobbyists
who participate in this study, will be uploaded to
for the use of your fellow aquatic gardeners.

Thank you for participating in the Aquatic Horticulture Study of the Greater Washington Aquatic Plant Association! Happy growing!




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