January 2019 Meeting

Sunday, January 27th, 2019 at 6:48 pm

GWAPA started off 2019 with a HUGE meeting! About 35 people came to Cristy Keister’s house to hear Sean Murphy’s presentation on emersed setups.

Sean talked about the different kinds of emersed setups such as Wabi-Kusa, Paludarium/Vivarium, or small plastic containers. Some people even use plastic Chinese takeout containers.

He discussed the evolution of an emersed system, how plants change from submersed to emersed, how to perform system maintenance, and how to deal with problems like mold.

Sean also got the group involved with a fun game of “Will it Grow Emersed?” Plants that will grow emersed include crypts, sagittaria, ludwigia, rotala, swords, bucephalandra, java fern, and anubias. Plants that won’t grow emersed include blyxxa, jungle val, and potamogeton.

Here are a few pics from the talk and one of Cristy’s aquascapes featuring gorgeous Discus: