Holiday Potluck 2011

Monday, December 19th, 2011 at 1:56 pm

John Godbey hosted the November/December Holiday Potluck at his home in Springfield, Virginia on Sunday, December 4.

More than 20 members brought food and drink to share, and spent the afternoon socializing. President Jen Williams thanked the club for a great year.  Outgoing Treasurer Ghazanfar Ghori briefly reviewed club finances for the year, and stated he would have a detailed report up on the forum by the end of December.


The GWAPA board for 2012 was announced:

President: Jen Williams

Vice President: Viktor Gyorffy

Treasurer: Cristy Keister

Corresponding Secretary: Arlene Wagner

Recording Secretary: Judi Hammett


The winners of the 2011 Aquascaping Contest were announced:

1st place:  Francine Bethea

2nd place:  Cristy Keister

3rd place was a three way tie between Julie Weis (tank #4), Eugen Leontie (tank #7), and Jen Williams (tank #8).

Congratulations to the winners!  Nine tanks were entered in this year’s contest, which was for Dutch style aquascapes, any size tank.


A plant database has been set up on a Google docs spreadsheet. Members, please add your name and what species you are growing. This database will help individual members and the club as a whole keep track of what is being grown in members’ tanks. A link to this database can be found on the forum.

Watch the forum for information on possible group orders with Sera and Green Leaf Aquariums sometime within the next few months.

Great bargains were had at our mini-auction.


–jrh  12-19-11