February 2011 Meeting

Friday, April 1st, 2011 at 11:25 am

The February 2011 GWAPA meeting was hosted by Judi Hammett, and featured Kris Weinhold discussing three aquascaping styles (Dutch, Iwagumi, and Nature Aquarium). This year, the GWAPA Aquscaping Contest will focus on a single aquscaping style, so the purpose of this talk was to review the three major styles ahead of the member’s vote to decide which style to use this year.

Kris’ talk generated excellent discussion and questions, and while the general consensus at the meeting was that most people wanted to use Nature Aquarium style for the contest, in the forum poll that followed the meeting, Dutch Style eventually won (by a single vote!). So pay particular attention to the first of the three videos of Kris’ talk. The talk video was split into three parts because of the size and length of the video.

Kris discusses Dutch Style aquascaping:

Kris discusses Iwagumi:

Kris discusses Nature Aquarium:

Pre-meeting video of some of Judi Hammett’s tanks: