April 2010 Meeting

Friday, April 23rd, 2010 at 7:08 am

Plant selection and placement, the second leg of aquascaping was the topic of this month’s meeting, graciously hosted by Eugen and Roxana Leontie. Kris Weinhold led the discussion on such things to consider  when creating a layout as: creating depth, balancing open space with the plants/hardscape, and use of colored plants.  Eugen and Roxana’s aquariums served as cases-in-point.  Kris also touched upon some tricks, like placing smaller-leaved plants toward the back, to add to the sense of distance.

Coming on the heels of last month’s hardscaping demonstration, Kris has set up a Journal section in the forums, so that club members may post pictures of their tanks and receive feedback from their fellows. It’s all in good fun, and is meant to be an “educational” venue in which members can pick up pointers as they fine tune their tanks for  the AGA aquascaping contest in the fall.

Finally, GWAPA members stepped up to the plate with some fine specimens for the auction (including a nice pleco from Michael Barber’s Amazon trip), the raffle contained some choice options, and food and socializing were the order of the day.

Kris’ presentation may be found here.

Photos from the Meeting