June 2008 Meeting

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008 at 7:13 am

GWAPA invited past president of NANFA, Bob Bock, to speak about native sunfish at our June 2008 meeting in Silver Spring, MD. While this does not sound like a plant topic, it meshes well with our two part native habitat theme for the May and June meetings. In May, Nancy Rybicki of the US Geological Survey talked about native plants, and in June Bob Bock filled the gap by speaking about native fish. Bob did a good job recommending which native fish are suitable for a planted aquarium.

Bob Bock, presenting about native Sunfish

Bob’s presentation also compared sunfish to cichlids, and went on to discuss a few other native non-sunfish that are interesting to keep. We conducted our mini-auction as usual, and made a few important announcements about upcoming events:

  • AGA Convention: November 14-16 in Atlanta, GA. Don’t miss out on Amano’s return!
  • Luis Navarro – July 26th: GWAPA is flying him in to present and do an aquascaping demonstration. A meeting not to miss!