Slides and links from Jan Equipment Meeting

Lighting, filtration etc
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Slides and links from Jan Equipment Meeting

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Keeping aquarium for me has been about observation and awareness. How are my plants growing? How are my fish doing? Is my water clear?
Equipment is no different.

These are my thoughts, Your mileage may vary.

The slides are attached as a PDF. Here are the links.

Bulk Reef has a lot of tutorials and information. Safety

Aquarium Co-op can be a place to look for info. ... ium-heater

Plants take water and CO2 and make sugar. In a closed system this can deplete carbon from the water column.
https://education.nationalgeographic.or ... synthesis/

A low tech carbon solution. slow growing plants that can get carbon from kH (carbonate hardness) ... ate.17326/

A quality CO2 rig pays for itself in the long run.

A general indication of CO2 in the water absent of buffers or other acidic components.
The Barr Report is an excellent source of aquarium plant info.

From a better way to gauge your CO2 saturation. Excellent site. ... h-kh-chart

DIY – Build your own. Pumps are about $20
Overview | reef-pi Guide 7: Dosing Controller | Adafruit Learning System

Dosing Pump - Simplicity Aquatics - About $150 for a 4 pump unit. I have not tried them.

Neptune DOS is an expensive but solid option

To accurately gauge light intensity you need to measure PAR.

Interesting Article ... anted_tank
Video ... m-lighting

Reef PI - DIY controller option - Software

Robo Tank - DIY Controller option - Hardware

Expensive but solid, still has a learning curve. Other controllers are out there so compare. ... /why-apex/
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