C. nurii

Using tissue culture to propagate plants.

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Will you be bringing more of this gorgeous plant to the next auction??? Or can I order some for myself?

Arlene :lol:
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I won't be able to make the next meeting, but if you want some, pm me.
Ghazanfar Ghori

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Ghazanfar Ghori wrote: This is the same one - C. nurii 'Pahang'

Is this the same one I got from you? 'Pahang'? It is doing really great in 3 of my tanks. I notice that the new leaves stays green with just a little speck of redish/brownish stripe! its just about the same size when I got it from you! is the light/parameters affecting it or this is just the way it is?

Thanks kind sir!

ブライアン BRIAN S.
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Wow, what a nice looking Crypt and a very interesting method of propagation, way beyond my method of put finger in dirt and insert plant, very cool.
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