Spawning Espei's rasboras.

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Spawning Espei's rasboras.

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That's a period, not a question mark. Weirdest thing happened. In May, I lost ten fish out of my school of a dozen Espei's rasboras.* The two little survivors have been hanging on waiting for reinforcements when I get around to ordering some from Rachel. The other day I did a big old trim and, what do you know, I found a bunch of baby rasboras. I thought these guys were really hard to breed. Maybe they just need some privacy.

*I have no idea why or where they went. No bodies, nothing. They just started vanishing one or two at a time. Water quality was fine, as were my otos and shrimps. I think they all just agreed to jump one day.
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Re: Spawning Espei's rasboras.

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They're not that tough. The low population of your tank is probably why the eggs and fry weren't all picked off.
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