Salvinia minima

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<em>Plant name</em>: <strong>Salvinia minima</strong> (Salvinia)

First a close up:
<img src="" border="0">    

Second the plant only
<img src="" border="0">    

Third: a pic that shows the potential:
<img src="" border="0">    

<strong>Some Information:</strong>
<em>Light</em>: Moderate
<em>Growth</em>: Invasive!
<em>Demands</em>: Not demanding at all. Easy plant to grow.
<em>Pruning</em>: Pruning?! Scoop it out by the handful to thin out.
<em>Water hardness</em>: Grows better in soft water, though it does fine in hardwater too.
<em>Specials</em>: It also does not like being tossed around with the
water circulation - I guess that goes for most floating plants.
<em>Propagation</em>: An entire plant will grow from a single leaf.

<em>Experiences</em>: Tried it in my discus tank and it didn't like the 84F temp. Its doing great in my 'growout' tank - as you can see!
Good plant to cut down light, and soak up nutrients - its a nutrient hog.
In some of my tanks I've contained it to a small region using suction
cups and fishing line. Great plant for a fry tank! The roots are about 1" long
and a great place for fry to hang out.

<em>Planting</em>: Simple - toss it in!
Ghazanfar Ghori

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