Lobelia cardinalis ’small form’

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<em>Plant name</em>: <strong>Lobelia cardinalis</strong> Lobelia cardinalis 'small form'

First a close up:
<img src="http://www.aquaticscape.com/offsite/lobelia_1.jpg" border="0">

Second the plant only
<img src="http://www.aquaticscape.com/offsite/lobelia_2.jpg" border="0">

Third: a pic that shows the potential:
<img src="http://www.aquaticscape.com/offsite/lobelia_3.jpg" border="0">

<strong>Some Information:</strong>
<em>Light</em>: Low - high. Grows just fine in the shade.
<em>Growth</em>: Grows relativly slow.
<em>Demands</em>: Not demanding, though running
your tank nutrient rich will make it grow faster.
<em>Pruning</em>: If the plant becomes too tall,
it can simply be pushed further into the gravel.
Or it can be topped and replanted.
<em>Propagation</em>: If you let it get tall, numerous side shoots develop that can be cut and replanted. If you top the plant and leave
the bottom planted, it'll develop several shoots.

<em>Experiences</em>: An easy plant that has a
unique look. A small grouping of this plant
creates interest in any planted aquaria.

<em>Planting</em>: Easy to plant - I've never
had it come loose and float to the surface.
It tolerates shade well, so it can be used to hide roots / bottoms of plants.
Ghazanfar Ghori

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