Ammania gracilis

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<em>Plant name</em>: <strong>Ammania gracilis</strong>

First a close up:
<img src="" border="0">   

Second the plant only
<img src="" border="0">   

Third: a pic that shows the potential:
<img src="" border="0">   

<strong>Some Information:</strong>
<em>Light</em>: Medium - High
<em>Growth</em>: Reasonable. Not as fast as most stem plants, but not too slow either.
<em>Demands</em>: Moderate, needs CO2 and high light to bring out its best.
<em>Pruning</em>: Just cut the tops and replant and let the rooted parts regrow.
<em>Water hardness</em>: Grow better in KH range of 4-8 dKH.
<em>Specials</em>: Gorgeous plant, with its best brought out with highlight & CO2.
<em>Propagation</em>: Each stem normally grows without branching or
offshoots until its reaches near the waterline, at which point several
side shoots develop. To propagate, simply top and replant.

<em>Experiences</em>: This plant has found a permanent home in my tank.
I go through a LOT of different species, trying them out and only the
best stay. This is definitly one of them. Leaves get several inches long
so it does better in a low water current spot.

<em>Planting</em>: Can be used in a cluster of individually planted stems or
as a single stem accent plant.
Ghazanfar Ghori

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