February Meeting, I guess

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February Meeting, I guess

Post by JLW »

Jeez, no one else is gonna start the thread?

What are you bringing and all that?

Quick word of warning turning on to my street -- we've had a recent rash of accidents at Tourmaline and Randolph (especially if you're turning RIGHT onto Tourmaline) . Randolph is kind of curvy there, and morons like to tailgate... and then not realise why you have a $#()#@$)(#($ blinker on until they rear-end you. So, make sure you use your blinker, brake early, and be careful.

I'll be making a crockpot or seven of turkey chili.

Also, if anyone is available to get here a little early, I have a 90-gallon that I need to move back and forth in the garage while the driveway is clear. :)
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Re: February Meeting, I guess

Post by halak »

I will make and bring chocolate chip cookies.
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Re: February Meeting, I guess

Post by scientist0724 »

I might be making apple pie cupcakes...

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Re: February Meeting, I guess

Post by Sheila »

Snickerdoodles, because I'm lazy.
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Re: February Meeting, I guess

Post by Cristy Keister »

Salted toffee bars
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Re: February Meeting, I guess

Post by Becca »

I'll bring juice. Store bought. I'm extra lazy.
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