Kokedama java moss wrapped Amazon Sword

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Kokedama java moss wrapped Amazon Sword

Postby Linus_Cello » Mon Dec 16, 2019 10:55 pm

So I bought from Petco yesterday an Amazon Sword wrapped in in java moss (aquatic kokedama?). My guess is that the sword is still in one of those slotted pots use for hydroponics, with just java moss growing on it. I thought I'd experiment to see if, by keeping this higher in the water column, it would survive the L204 flash and L128 blue hemiancistrus plecos from eating the base of the stems, a problem I've had in the past with swords and these plecos (and being closer to the light probably doesn't hurt either). Currently, this is in my discus tank, about halfway up the tank, perched on some driftwood (and surrounded by various anubias).

My question is, as swords are fairly heavy feeders, I'm guessing some pellet/wafer fertilizer would be best for long term health? Other thoughts?
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